Tuesday, March 15, 2011

FOOD IS CANCELED !!!!!!!!!!!!

My food vendor has backed out on me. I tried 3 other people I know to cook for us, and it is in too short notice for them.

PLEASE FORGIVE ME for this it was totally out of my hands! The best thing I can thin of is pack you something to eat. There is nothing close to handle as many people as I am expecting. About 15 min down the road is the Little Rebel, kind of a diner place with all sorts of food run by some real nice Greeks, so you now its good! Burger King across the street. In Travliers Rest there MCD's, Burger king, KFC, Hardees, Pizza Inn, Waffel house, Carlonia Fine Foods, and Subwa, and Spinx has food.

Also I have not been able to get tables and chairs this year like in the past. If you have a folding chair, you may wanna bring it.

As far as the rain looks like where we are plowing it didnt rain there all day. Here in Pickens looks like we got close to an inch. I will be on the road all day tomorrow but if I have enough light I will go look at the fields. Adam Smith went buy them today and he said they wernt too bad. Were looking at upper 70's for the next 3 days so lets hope the wind pics up too.

Once again Im sorry about the food and please spread the word on the food deal.

Thanks Vince