Sunday, February 21, 2010

I have a troy bilt tiller 5 hp briggs good belts and tines. 550.00

Friday, February 5, 2010


It seems you have to sign up for a google account to post anything. Dosnt take much and like I said before, if i can do it so can you!

Tractors from last year

Last years turn out!

Last year we had a lot more people. Its amazing what word of mouth will do. Heres some general pics of the people that were there and the bsing.

Collin on his 149

Baker and Marc

Me, Allen C, and Don
Allen C and Allen Z
Heath doing what he dose best, break down!

Me, Collin, Paul and Heath
Mark on his wheel horse. I had just painted it and I think its been washed 2 times from that day. This is a daily user in his garden.
Allen C with his cat fish!

Meet the guys that made the first one work

Top row Paul, Allen Z, Heath, Me, Marc, Allen C, Baker

Bottom Collin, Don the land owner

We had rain but a good time. By far Collins tractor ran the best. By far Heats tractor ran the worst!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wide Frame Mule drives are spoken for

Wide frame mule drives are spoken for, Thanks Paul

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Steering wheels Mule drives

I have a couple of wide frame steering wheels let me now if you need one. Email me for pics

15$ and I can ship them too if need be.

I have a couple of wide frame and narrow frame mule drives good to make front weight brackets out of.


John Deere 212 It will run if you have a jump box on it but as soon as you unhook it no spark. The wiring has been hacked into, maybe the coil wire is hooked up wrong. I drove it around the yard and the motor sounds great and the veratior works good too.

325 $

For the Ih Registry members I have seat covers low and med backs 40 bucks. I need 1 week notice before plow day if you want one.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dates and Times

APRIL 10th 2010 @ 9am 2920 Pumpkintown Hwy 29671

please sign in before 845 am

845 operator meeting
900 open plowing
1000 parade lap and group photo
1130 lunch
1230 open plowing
130 swap meet & door prizes


the skinny on this plow day

Plow days are a time to have fun and enjoy and meet other nuts like us. there are a few rules just to cover my but and the land owners.

No drugs or beer, wine ect.

Please use the trash cans

5 dollars a person to plow. All proceeds go to next years Plow Day.

If you break down someone will drag your tractor out of the furrow for you to a place to do a repair. Your picture will be taken and posted on the internet!

DO NOT REFUEL A HOT TRACTOR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Last year we had a guy grab a hot exaust stack. It was a nothing more than a gut reaction to an unecpected moment. I WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR STUPIDITY! Please understand your doing this under your own free will, your responsible for your own actions!


Welcome EVERYONE! I am happy to say that Emily has got us up and running on a blog. First off I will be adding stuff to the differant areas in the next couple of days. All the info on the location hotels and what ever else I forgot.

First off if you havent attended a plow day your missing a great time. Almost 3 yrs ago I held the first "Red Neck Plow Day" here in Pickens Sc. We had about 10 tractors and the number almost doubled the second year. We have about 8 acres to plow and all types of GARDEN TRACTORS are welcome.

We have set up the differant topics on the front page. I really would like to see people post things they want to sell or trade. I would like to see the swap meet of the day get a bit larger. Last year we had 2 low boys that were real nice and Im sure one of them would have sold if people new they were coming. All things can be sold it dosnt have to be tractor related. Also if other people need things moved, this may be a good place to post and get stuff around the south east.

Now to post is just a bit tricky, but if I can do it anyone can. If you want to start a "thread" you type it in the title at the top left. Then in the bottom right you type in the lable, ie for For Sale, General. YOU MUST TYPE IT EXACTLY AS IT IS ON THE FIRST PAGE. First letter capital.

If anyone needs help you can contact me @ vinceochiuto AT charter DOT net

Please have fun and keep it clean as we have some kids on the list. Also please no politacal junk or bashing of people, you know what Im talking about. Save it for some place else.

Thanks Vince