Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Welcome EVERYONE! I am happy to say that Emily has got us up and running on a blog. First off I will be adding stuff to the differant areas in the next couple of days. All the info on the location hotels and what ever else I forgot.

First off if you havent attended a plow day your missing a great time. Almost 3 yrs ago I held the first "Red Neck Plow Day" here in Pickens Sc. We had about 10 tractors and the number almost doubled the second year. We have about 8 acres to plow and all types of GARDEN TRACTORS are welcome.

We have set up the differant topics on the front page. I really would like to see people post things they want to sell or trade. I would like to see the swap meet of the day get a bit larger. Last year we had 2 low boys that were real nice and Im sure one of them would have sold if people new they were coming. All things can be sold it dosnt have to be tractor related. Also if other people need things moved, this may be a good place to post and get stuff around the south east.

Now to post is just a bit tricky, but if I can do it anyone can. If you want to start a "thread" you type it in the title at the top left. Then in the bottom right you type in the lable, ie for For Sale, General. YOU MUST TYPE IT EXACTLY AS IT IS ON THE FIRST PAGE. First letter capital.

If anyone needs help you can contact me @ vinceochiuto AT charter DOT net

Please have fun and keep it clean as we have some kids on the list. Also please no politacal junk or bashing of people, you know what Im talking about. Save it for some place else.

Thanks Vince